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Welcome to the Dutch Linux Mint Wiki!500px-LinuxMint Nice Logo.svg.png
Linux Mint Wiki NL, sinds juni 2014 online en onderdeel van de Nederlandse Local Community van Linux Mint

The objective is to create a Dutch wiki with all the information about Linux Mint, history, news, development, distributions, installation, operating and refusing hardware and software, etc..

We are now working hard to run the initial setup and to determine the layout and adapt. In the near future also appear more articles and categories will grow will.

Much remains to be done, and there is to process too much information for a few interested people. Therefore we are looking for volunteers / peers who want to help with the design of the wiki, or writing articles or help control operations. Especially in this first period, all help is welcome.

Your ideas and information are important and write an article is not difficult, but if you do not dare to, you can mention it on Linux mint Consultation. This information will then be processed by others. Co-users on the occasion

We hope that this wiki quick source of Linux Mint information for beginners and advanced and basic for anyone who uses Linux Mint.

Have fun reading and writing the information on this Dutch Linux Mint wiki. Administrators.